When lung disease strikes, there's 








Compilation of Pulmonary Definitions
Created for patients newly diagnosed with lung disease. Acronyms are expanded on in easily understood glossary containing support sites and informational links.

Chronic Lung Diseases: 

Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF)
Sarcoidosis, A Medical Mystery  

Community Center:

Lung Disease Forum 
No Air Cafe (Chat) 

An abundance of peer reviewed articles, journals, support groups and more!.

The Lost City  
essay on Organ Donation

Unfolding of a Rose
Awards, Disclaimer, Music Box


NoAirToGo was created and written by patients with chronic lung disease. Its aim is to provide quality information for educational purposes. It does not answer medical questions or render medical advice. Advertising is neither accepted nor solicited. Funding is sole responsibility of its owner, a COPD patient.  

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